İnce Kumaş

House of Precision Fabrics

About Us

Fine drapery fabrics in Turkey is one of the most diverse assortment of textile enterprises have been established targeting.
Our company; our country and neighboring countries always offers its customers extending innovation and quality. Differentiated, high-quality innovative product compositions,
It offers special services to customers. Quick service to our customers, we strive to provide the most appropriate offers satisfaction and our high quality fabrics. Quality Assurance System in order to meet the fine drapery process of globalization is in effect and the high competition posed by changing consumption and consumer behavior in a better position to maintain total quality practices and activities. "The company total quality and business excellence" beyond being a production target has been accepted by everyone and is a life philosophy applied to all processes spread to the entire company.

Our Vision

Fine drapery aimed at continuous innovation; innovative, quality products in the industry with his brave and decisive stance, quality service and to serve its customers by understanding customers with the principles of healthy communication.

Our Mission

The best service with the fastest most accurate customer satisfaction. Most of the company wish to be.
Young, we want to see us with our dynamic and active customer sizleride staff.